Abstract: Session A  8:30 am (Back to Session A)
Funding Your Riparian Restoration Project

Megan Henson
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
Austin, TX

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality receives Clean Water Act Section 319(h) grant funds to allocate for activities that prevent or reduce nonpoint source pollution in Texas. The goal of the program is to restore impaired waterbodies or protect unimpaired waterbodies through activities such as: 1) watershed planning and characterizations; 2) pollution control projects; and, 3) implementation of watershed protection plans. Various project types are eligible for funding; including riparian restoration, low impact development, education and outreach, and more. Learn how program partners used 319(h) funds for riparian restoration in their watersheds and how you can do the same. Nonprofit organizations, state agencies, or political subdivisions of the State (including cities, counties, school districts, and state universities) are encouraged to apply for grant funds. Interested applicants can visit the TCEQ’s Nonpoint Source website at