Abstract: Session A  9:45 am (Back to Session A)
Panther Springs Creek Restoration

Abigail Bush, PE, CFM, ENV SP
San Antonio River Authority
San Antonio, TX

On May 6, 2017 the voters of San Antonio passed the 2017-2022 General Obligation bond, which included Drainage & Flood Control.  Panther Springs Creek in North Central San Antonio was included in this bond initiative.  The $1.1 million design-build project will be managed by the San Antonio River Authority with the goals that proposed improvements to the existing natural channel to improve flow and remove standing water.    The conceptual design focused on improvements to areas of ponding and deposition improve conveyance using natural channel design concepts. Final design will focus on altering the grade of the stream to improve the water and sediment conveyance functions of the stream.  The project area is located over the Edwards Aquifer, which poses its own unique challenges and requirements, over and above the required USACE permitting and FEMA floodplain impacts.