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Balancing Ecological Benefits and Development Needs: A PRM Story

Jason Claudio-Diaz, P.E., CFM
Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.
Charlotte, NC

Authors: Jason Claudio-Diaz, P.E., CFM and Larry Clendenen, ISA Certified Arborist

 A national big-box retailer identified a site for a new store location in Universal City, TX. The site contained a degraded, low-quality ephemeral stream flowing down the middle of it which caused a small problem. During the permitting phase, there were no mitigation bank credits available in the market. Impacting that stream and piping it was not a feasible option, nor was it desirable by the resource agencies. Due to the lack of alternative sites and the importance of this new store location, a solution was needed to allow the development to proceed. A permittee responsible mitigation (PRM) plan was developed to maximize the space available for the retail development; improve many of the stream functions, including its riparian area and valley; and incorporate controls for the new storm inputs. The project resulted in an improved environmental corridor that balanced smart urban development with improving ecological benefits. This presentation will highlight the processes and strategies of the project while discussing the technical challenges, functional improvements, and lessons learned.