Abstract: Session B  8:55 am (Back to Session B)
Passive Hydrologic Control Structures in Wetland Restoration – Their Necessity and Design Process

Lee W. Forbes, P.E., D.WRE
SWCA Environmental Consultants
Houston, Texas

The Interagency Review Teams (IRTs) in most USACE Districts generally oppose any engineered hydrologic controls in the restoration of wetlands for Clean Water Act Section 404 mitigation credits. However, in the face of increasingly extreme weather conditions, including periods of both draught and extreme flood events, such controls are becoming more crucial to move wetland restoration projects successfully through the difficult post-restoration period, when newly planted restored wetlands are most vulnerable and are prohibited from access to artificial watering systems. A passive, minimally intrusive hydrologic control system is presented that facilitates both water retention and removal from restored wetland sub-cells to optimize growth of the immature, newly planted wetland restoration areas and meet the USACE requirements for wetland hydrology. The design process for this system is presented to allow other practitioners to implement the system  in their own projects.