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From Cow Trough to Babbling Brook: 
Design-Build Restoration and Stream Mitigation on Tonyard Creek, Tyler, TX

Brett Jordan, PhD, PE
HydroGeo Designs LLC (HGD)
Land and Water Services Inc. (LWS)
448 West 19th Street, #415
Houston, TX

Cliff Sunda, PWS
Wildwood Environment Credit Company
PO Box 6602
Tyler, TX

The riparian areas and stream channels along the headwater reaches of Tonyard Creek were impaired by unrestricted heavy grazing for the past 30 years.  This site was identified for restoration to provide compensatory mitigation to unavoidable impacts to perennial and intermittent streams resulting from the construction of a multi-lane highway near the impact site.  The site was selected due to its ability satisfy the in-channel stream restoration requirements pursuant to the latest U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Guidance (CESWF-13-1).and adjoins 800 acres of preexisting stream and wetland mitigation that is protected by a conservation easement.  We completed a turn-key design-build-mitigation project on approximately 3048 LF of stream channel in a 9-month period from October 2016-June 2017.  The project included priority one dimension, pattern and profile restoration on two creek segments (~2100 LF) and boulder/ wood grade stabilization and ravine stabilization methods to stabilize unstable upstream tributaries.  Project elements included toe wood, log vanes, log drop structures, boulder drop structures, constructed riffles, stream daylighting and native re-vegetation components.  The project has been in place for approximately one year with significant rainfall events occurring immediately after and during construction.  Design concepts and construction lessons learned/adaptive management components will be shared.