Abstract: Session B  11:20 am (Back to Session B)
Construction Techniques That Will Improve the Resiliency, Sustainability, and Efficiency of your Restoration Efforts

Rich Berkey, Director of Construction
Ecotone, Inc.
Forest Hill, MD

Our team leads or supports several dozen design and construction projects every year. We realize projects that seemed cutting edge fifteen years ago don’t always hold up after a generation of subsequent best practices. So, now when we deliver the design and build on the same project we use those opportunities to experiment with methods and techniques that challenge traditional approaches to restoration. Over the past few years, we’ve pioneered procedures that enhance the sustainability and resiliency of our efforts while also increasing the efficiency of our field crews.

This presentation will explore a practical technique we call “rough and fluff,” which minimizes soil compaction and increases soil infiltration while creating microtopography in one step. We will explore an innovative concept we introduced last year that simultaneously minimizes hauling and purchasing costs, as well as creating a more natural aesthetic. And, thirdly we will examine the use of harvested sod as immediate bank stabilization. Participants will take home an expanded vision for using heavy equipment as well as outside-the-box construction applications proven to reduce costs and boost functional uplift for ecological restoration projects.