Abstract: Session C  10:30 am (Back to Session C)
Dam Removal and River Restoration:  Milburnie Dam on the Neuse River in Raleigh, NC

Wes Newell
Backwater Environmental
Pittsboro NC

The Milburnie Dam on the Neuse River was removed by Restoration Systems as a mitigation bank in the Fall and Winter of 2017-2018.  The objective is to restore more than 30,000 linear feet of impoundment to a functioning river ecosystem.  Located in downtown Raleigh North Carolina, this dam was the last impediment to migratory fish on the Neuse River from the coast, particularly the sport fish Shad and Striped Bass.  Four dams have been previously removed downstream of the Neuse as a precursor to this project.  The removal is the continuation of a comprehensive watershed-wide process to connect and restore ecological integrity within the river.  Work to be discussed includes, permitting and design, river stage management, construction sequence and deconstruction, river bank / riparian wetland stabilization, and monitoring / maintenance plans.