Abstract: Session C  10:55 am (Back to Session C)
Sulphur Creek Stream Enhancement Project

Tami Norton, P.E., CFM, PMP (EPR)
Ecosystem Planning & Restoration
San Antonio, TX

Aarin Teague, Ph.D, P.E., CFM, ENV SP
San Antonio River Authority
San Antonio, TX

The San Antonio River Authority (SARA) is promoting and implementing measures within its jurisdiction to improve water quality and reduce pollutants within the waterways in the San Antonio River Basin. The Sulphur Creek Stream Enhancement Project was a collaborative effort between the NRCS as part of their Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP) and SARA, with overall project coordination and grant administration by the Resource Institute (RI).  Ecosystem Planning and Restoration (EPR) was brought on as a team member to provide design and construction oversight services while the construction was performed by North State Environmental.   While RCPP is not a new funding mechanism for NRCS, it is relatively new to the Texas region. The Sulphur Creek project represents an alternative method for agricultural users to reduce sediment erosion and protect loss of land on their properties. The project consisted of restoring a portion of Sulphur Creek that was degraded due to manmade alterations and agriculture use. A natural channel design approach was used to stabilize the stream bed and banks, and establish a riparian buffer to reduce the amount of sediment entering the stream system. Coordination with the NRCS was required to develop an appropriate plant list for the climatic conditions, and to meet specific NRCS practice codes to meet the conditions of the grant. This project was the first of its kind, using natural channel design techniques, in this region of Texas. This presentation will discuss the design, construction and coordination effort, challenges and lessons learned.