Abstract: Session C  11:20 am (Back to Session C)
Restoration Work in the Manzano Mountains of Central New Mexico Following Four Large Wildfires

Cody Stropki
SWCA Environmental Consultants
Albuquerque, NM

Authors:  Cody Stropki, Victoria Amato, Anne Russell, WCA Environmental Consultants, Albuquerque, New
David Lightfoot , SWCA Environmental Consultants, and Biology Department, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico

The Manzano Mountains, located in Central New Mexico, have experienced four large wildfires in recent years which have impacted over 44,000 acres of mixed conifer, ponderosa pine, and piñon-juniper habitats.  Three fires occurred in 2007-2008 (Ojo Peak, Trigo, and Big Springs) with the fourth occurring in the summer of 2016 (Dog Head).  These large wildfires have altered the landscape of the Manzanos and the associated ecosystems through damage, disruption, and in some cases the complete destruction of the watershed functioning.  This talk will focus on the different restoration techniques that have already been implemented across the different burn scars.  These restoration treatments were designed to help reduce erosion and sedimentation using locally sourced materials and were implemented in active stream channels and on the surrounding hillslopes.  The ability to understand the effectiveness of the different restoration techniques, whether positive or negative, is critical in understanding the post fire recovery process across an elevation gradient in a changing climate.