Presentations & Posters

Restoration to Build Resilient Ecosystems
submit by February 15, 2018
Submit abstracts to southweststream@gmail.com

The Southwest Stream & Wetland Restoration Conference will provide an opportunity for natural resource professionals to share ideas and lessons learned in stream, wetland and watershed restoration planning, assessment, design, construction, and evaluation. The conference includes presentations, discussions, exhibits, and workshops of local ecosystem restoration projects. Scientists and practitioners are encouraged to share experiences, network with colleagues, and become involved in shaping the future of ecosystem restoration in the Southwest. You can begin by submitting your abstract for oral presentation and registering for the conference. Please see the abstract submittal checklist below.

Theme:  Restoration to Build Resilient Ecosystems

Target Audience:  Scientists, practitioners, resource professionals and related

Submit abstracts to         southweststream@gmail.com

Conference Topics of Interest

  • Restoring Urban Streams
  • Restoring Urban Wetlands
  • Innovation in Restoration Design and Implementation
  • Riparian Restoration and Management
  • Watershed Restoration to Improve Habitat
  • Planning and Permitting
  • Case Studies and Lessons Learned
  • Ephemeral Streams
  • Best Management Practices
  • Low Water Crossings (science)
  • Communities and Streams/Wetland Restoration
  • Sediment and Streambank Erosion/Protection of Drinking Water supplies
  • Floodplain Management
  • Stream Restoration and Instream Flows
  • Post-Flood Planning and Restoration
  • Post-Fire Planning and Restoration
  • Outreach and Education Efforts
  • Riparian Wetlands and Stream Restoration
  • Restoration and Invasive Species

If your abstract is accepted, it will be published in the Conference Proceedings. If the subject you wish to address is not listed, please submit your abstract and/or poster proposal using the “Miscellaneous” category. Provided your presentation meets the selection criteria, we will do our best to include you in the program. Presenters will be notified by March 25, 2018 if they will be included in the program.

Please include on the abstract:

  • Primary Presenter/Contact (one person only)
  • Organization/Company
  • Address, Telephone number & Email address of Primary Contact
  • Category from Call for Abstracts
  • Title of Presentation
  • Author(s) (as it would appear in a publication)
  • Abstract Text (300 word (Max)