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Resiliency of Two NCD-Stabilized Streams in an Urban Setting Through Multiple Massive Storm Events

Lee W. Forbes, P.E., D.WRE
SWCA Environmental Consultants
Houston, Texas

The author has led the stabilization and ecological enhancement of two streams using NCD methodologies in urban/suburban Harris County, Texas for the Harris County Flood Control District. The two projects were implemented to address highly unstable stream reaches threatening to destroy adjacent public infrastructure and green space as the result of the streams’ vertical incision and excessive bank collapse and lateral channel migration. After their construction, both streams were subjected to multiple historic rainfall events, including Hurricane Harvey, and have exhibited impressive resiliency in their enduring stability through the events. The two streams are very different from one another in their size, boundary conditions, and respective designs. Their case studies provide a positive model for similar prescriptions for other streams throughout the country.