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Streambank Stabilization Alternatives – Another Choice to Consider

Wade Burcham
Integrated Science & Engineering
Savannah, Georgia

Often times there are better design options to protect stream banks and shorelines than traditional hard measures.  Ideally, we want to use Mother Nature as a template, and utilize design concepts that incorporate natural materials.  However, projects occasionally present with situations such as schedule limitations (e.g. emergency repairs) or physical limitations (e.g. lack of space) that require the consideration of traditional measures.  Designers must be able to rapidly sift through their toolbox of ideas to quickly determine the best.

This presentation seeks to provide designers and planners with another tool to place in their toolbox; a tool that can meet many project limitations, and is also regenerative.  It can also be used to retrofit and enhance traditional designs and methods.  This design tool is living walls.  Living walls such as Filtrexx's GreenLoxx® products, applications, and resources will be presented, along with case studies that describe considerations for product selection, design, construction, and lessons learned. Examples of both Non-MSE and MSE living walls will be presented, as well as a summary of some quantitative environmental impacts.