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Results of Pre and Post-Construction Bio-Monitoring at Dodson Branch, Haywood County, NC

Jason York
Penrose Environmental
Asheville, NC

Dodson Branch is a 2nd order stream in Haywood County, NC that had been heavily impacted by livestock and agricultural runoff.  High levels of fecal coliform were noted in the Pigeon River below the confluence with Dodson Branch by state and local agencies in 2015.  North State Environmental was contracted to reconstruct the channel and fence out cattle.  Penrose Environmental was hired by Resource Institute to conduct biological assessments on the main channel and two tributaries prior to and after construction.  Data was first collected in April of 2016 and again in April of 2018.  Analysis of pre and post construction data suggests moderate biological improvement at some sampling locations in the main channel demonstrated by an increase in EPT taxa richness at some sites.  Habitubes were placed in the Dodson Branch reference site and then transported to Tributary B after construction by Acer Environmental.  Moderate improvements in EPT taxa richness were observed in Tributary B that were not observed in Tributary A.  Biological data will continue to be collected in subsequent years.