Abstract: Session E  2:45 pm (Back to Session F)
Gut Check – How Much Ecological Uplift Are We Really Providing

Vincent L. Sortman
Biohabitats Inc.
Denver CO

Gut Check - An evaluation or test of a person's resolve, commitment, or priorities, typically with respect to a particular course of action – Google Dictionary

Stream restorations have been based on many objectives such as:

·        Infrastructure Protection

·        Mitigation Requirement

·        Erosion/Sediment Load Reduction

·        Aquatic/Riparian Habitat Enhancement

More recently a new objective has been Ecological Uplift. The Stream Function Pyramid, 0 Stage Stream Evolution Model, and Corps of Engineers Stream Quantification Tools are examples of recent attempts to promote ecological and functional uplift in stream restoration projects. This presentation will evaluate the commitment of stream restoration practitioners in moving stream restoration designs toward more whole system restoration approaches.

If restoration is the process of assisting the recovery of a degraded ecosystem to a self-sufficient, ecologically functioning system – are our designs truly restorations? Are our projects emphasizing process repair rather than structural replacement? And what types of monitoring are being performed to quantify the amount of uplift?